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Medical Hypnosis

Medical Hypnosis

Our consciousness leads us through everyday life, in our subconscious mind there is information just beneath the surface (e.g. "What did I want to do? ….well, get vegetables from the cellar, right – “). The unconscious where a lot of energies and possibilities are stored only manifests itself from time to time and then it is rather by accident. But it is possible to target it to make use of the high power of the unconscious to find answers to questions, to activate a self-healing process or to get on more easily with a physical or psychological situation. It is about an old, long-established method of traditional medicine that become old-fashioned after Sigmund Freud and the invention of chloroform and ether and has gained in importance again since the seventies.


is suited for the following problems:

  • Pains of all kind
  • Sleep disorder (insomnia)
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Support of chemotherapy
  • Vegetative dysfunctions
  • Various situations in life
  • Treatment of migraine
  • Coping with anxiety disorder
  • Coping with phobia
  • Positive thinking instead of a negative approach in depressions
  • Strengthening of the immunce defence of allergies, AIDS, cancer.


Dr. med. Kerstin Ott

Fachärztin FMH Chirurgie

Alpenstrasse 11

6300 Zug

Fon 041 711 28 28

Fax 041 710 58 00





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The hypnosis is a natural phenomena. Nobody does things in a mesmerised state that he would not do otherwise. The exhibition in a public hypnosis shows what people are willing to do under group pressure. As a member of the Swiss Society for Hypnosis (SMSH) the well-being of the patient is the most important criteria for me.